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Our project team

Professor Caroline Bassett

Affiliated to: Cambridge Digital Humanities/ Corpus Christi College

My research explores digital technologies in relation to questions of knowledge production and epistemology (how does ‘the digital’ change scholarship, transform understanding, produce new scales or perspectives?) and in relation to cultural forms, practices, and ways of being (how can we understand the stakes of informational capitalism, what are its symptoms, how can we understand its temporalities, the forms of life it enables, and those it...

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Andrew Corrigan

Affiliated to: The University Library

Andy Corrigan has a background in archaeology and specialises in graphics, illustration, historic building surveys and the application of photography. Andy began working at Cambridge University Library on both the Darwin Correspondence Project and Cambridge Digital Library in 2011 and has developed his experience in public and academic engagement, complex image preparation, digital asset management, and the workflow of digital content to both...

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Dr Tom Crowley

Affiliated to: Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Hi, I’m Tom and I love museums. Over the past ten years I’ve worked in curatorial positions at the Horniman Museum and Gardens and at the University of Cambridge’s Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. I’ve also researched and published as an academic at the University’s Heritage Research Centre, which is where I undertook my PhD. Recently I’ve taken on consultancy roles at the Powell-Cotton Museum and English Heritage. As my practice has de...

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Dr Leo Impett

Affiliated to: Cambridge Digital Humanities

Leonardo Impett read Engineering at St. John’s College, Cambridge, with a master’s thesis on the use of machine learning in experimental violin acoustics. He then joined the RAINBOW group at the Cambridge Computer Lab under Alan Blackwell. After briefly studying nanotechnology at the University of Tokyo, he worked on image aesthetics for Microsoft Research in Cairo, and built electronic instruments - including the ‘mephistophone’ in Matthew He...

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Elenor Ling

Affiliated to: The Fitzwilliam Museum

Elenor Ling is Curator within the department of Paintings, Drawings and Prints. She is responsible for the care, interpretation and display of the Fitzwilliam Museum’s print collection, comprising 125,000 objects, and has a particular interest in histories and methodologies of collecting. Elenor was co-curator of the major, interdisciplinary exhibition The Human Touch: Making Art, Leaving Traces (2021), and was sole curator of several exhibiti...

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Harry Metcalf

Affiliated to: The Fitzwilliam Museum

Harry Metcalf is an accredited conservator primarily responsible for the Fitzwilliam print collection. He previously worked at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery and was the Craigen W. Bowen Paper Conservation Fellow at the Straus Centre for Conservation and Technical Studies at Harvard Art Museums from 2012 to 2014. Harry is currently investigating deceptive repairs in engravings by Israhel van Meckenem and the material aspects of the mezzotints...

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Annja Neumann

Affiliated to: Cambridge Digital Humanities/ Magdalene College

Annja Neumann is an Affiliated Lecturer in Modern German Studies and Isaac Newton Trust Post-doctoral Research Fellow in Digital Humanities. Her practice-based research explores the staging of spaces and politics of embodiment, with a particular interest in the theatricalisation of medical spaces. Before taking up her post at Cambridge Digital Humanities (CDH), Dr Neumann was Research Associate of the AHRC Schnitzler Digital Edition Project at...

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Dr Kate Noble

Affiliated to: The Fitzwilliam Museum

Kate is the strategic lead on research relating to learning and engagement practice at the Fitzwilliam Museum. She has a particular interest in collaborative action research and its potential to stimulate change and improve practice which we have been exploring through the Nursery in Residence, Lines of Enquiry and It’s Our Museum Too projects. Kate leads the Inspire teacher training programme which encourages creative teaching and learning us...

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Eleanor Parmenter

Affiliated to: Cambridge University Library

Eleanor Parmenter has a Master’s degree in Art Gallery and Museum Studies from the University of Leeds, which developed her research interests into community engagement and curatorial strategies in cultural institutions. After a career in the charity sector, in 2022, Eleanor Parmenter joined Cambridge University Library as their Research Institute Coordinator, where she supports in the administration, communications and events programming of ...

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Professor Daniel Pett

Affiliated to: Historic England/ St. Edmund's College

Dan leads the implementation of Historic England’s Digital Strategy and he was previously Head of Digital and IT/Senior Research Associate at the Fitzwilliam Museum, and prior to this Digital Humanities lead at the British Museum. In these roles he designed and implemented digital innovation connecting humanities research, museum practice, and the creative industries. In doing so, he has created extensive cross-disciplinary and cross-sector...

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Dr Neal Spencer

Affiliated to: The Fitzwilliam Museum

Holding a PhD in Egyptology (Cambridge, 2000), Neal’s research focuses on cultural entanglement and lived urban experience within the context of pharaonic imperialism in early Iron Age Nubia, as expressed through material and visual culture. Neal directed archaeological projects in Egypt (Samanud, Kom Firin) and Sudan (Amara West), with significant community archaeology, educational, scientific and environmental research strands. This work has...

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