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Rambling: Not Taking Footpaths for Granted
by Tom Crowley

In this second post based on conversations that happened during Walk D, we touch on the origins of the Ramblers’ Association and of the Sudbury Ramblers in particular. Today the Ramblers are a well-established, respectable facet of British culture, but in their early days being a Rambler could be nothing short of radical.

In the audio clip we first join the conversation with Ramblers John, Margaret and Florence as they discuss Kinder Scout, the mass trespass of 1932 which remains a pivotal moment in the Association’s folklore. Then, Keith talks of the Sudbury Ramblers’ early days half a century ago. The campaigns waged then to keep local rights of way open ensured that future generations could walk freely on the same paths which Constable would have known and loved.

Listen to the conversation in the below audio clip, or you can read the transcription.

You can also find out more information about the Ramblers’ Association and their history on their website.

Image above: A historical photo of some ramblers with “Behold Ye Ramblers” spelt out on the soles of their shoes. By kind permission of the Ramblers’ Association

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